UF students create app to track, offset carbon footprint
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UF Champions for Change awards celebrates achievements in sustainability, health and wellness
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Product design, User research, Development


6 months


Figma, Swift

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LiveGreen was a product that began at a hackathon, HackDuke, and came out of a desire for my roommate and I to figure out ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment. We were surprised to find that there weren't many tech-enabled solutions to fight climate change, especially as an individual. Climate change is the single biggest threat that my generation is facing, yet most people believe that their personal actions can never have an impact on mitigating it.

With this in mind, Brian De Souza and I set out to create an app that would allow anyone to learn the positive impact they can have on the environment, and how small actions can add up over time, especially when many people are taking them together. I headed up design and frontend development for this project. Before starting the project, we posted our initial quick prototype in environmental Facebook groups to gauge interest and see the problems users had with current solutions. We got an amazing response from this original round of user research, about 500 people reached out to us to talk about what they wanted in a product like the one we were going to build. From this original round of user research, we identified that the main audience of this product would probably be millennials who were concerned about the future of the planet for their generation and for their children. Given this, we asked the question:

How might we help millennials easily track their carbon footprint and inspire them to reduce it by reassuring them that their actions will have a tangible impact?

After gathering this initial round of feedback from potential users, and learning what they disliked about the current solutions on the market, we were able to move forward confidently, knowing that we had an opportunity to solve a real problem for people.

Winning a prize from Facebook at HackDuke. Brian De Souza is the 3rd from left, I'm the 5th from left.
Breaking down and prioritizing user feedback.
Final user onboarding flow.